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Anime Weekend Atlanta Review (Artist Alley)

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 29, 2015, 8:28 AM

Okay, here is an actual (but short) review of my time with an Artist Alley (AA) booth at this year's Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) :)

So this is my second official year going to AWA. The lovely boyfriend has been going every year for several years and these two times I got to hitch a ride!Last year was an experience, as I went as just a con-goer. I've never seen a place so busy and there were so many panels and it was so fun (except for that Saturday 1AM alarm incident), but I digress. This year I planned to sell at an AA table just for the fun of it. I kind of missed doing them. I had only done Triad Anime Con and Hoshicon a couple of years ago back in my old hometown (I did poorly in each one lol), and I missed the experience and art talk. Lots of prep was done for this instead of rushing last minute at previous cons, and that prepped really helped in making new things and trying new printers, etc. Okay, enough backstory! Here's a day by day breakdown
Today's highlight: Getting to ATL safely lol

The ride to Atlanta was fine and took a solid three+ hours. Except for one random snag of no-reason traffic everything was pretty streamlined. I'd say the biggest issue happened Thursday beore everything started, and in hindsight it wasn't that bad of an issue at all. We stood in line to register for AA starting at 2:30 and were told to come back at 4. Hmm okay, maybe I read a rule wrong about AA registration times?? Four comes around and we are back in line, except the line doesn't move until 45 minutes in. It literally does not move D: Not exactly sure what happened in the first 45 minutes but eventually a staff person came around to sort things and make it more streamlined. It was a lot of time lost that could've been naptime lol, but it is what it is. After that snag was done, we chilled around and setup. The tables were numbered and volunteers came around every so often to ask if we needed help which was nice c: I was near the autographs booth in a semi-corner which imo was a very good spot

Friday morning we finished setup and such and eventually people starting pouring in. Lovely boyfriend stuck around and helped quite a bit! For a moment this was a 20k+ convention and not a 800 people convention like before so I was kind of shocked and scared, lol. I am a wallflower in real life and have a bit of a time carrying on a conversation (I'm interested in what you're talking about but IDK what to reply DX ) but the cosplays and general geekiness made it easier to talk to people coming up. Sales-wise, Friday was good... like, really good. I hit the break even point and then some by Friday evening alone D: This was so surprising as I was doing this for mostly the experience. Met some cool new artists and people from online too! Also, I learned the delicate beauty of a Bahn Mi-style hotdog... so soo good. Afterwards we went to a little bit of panel-hoping
Today's Highlight: General awe at the reception of my art and Bahn Mi hotdogs

I am guessing the rain from outside boosted the moisture inside, as paper curled a bit and my portfolio art was looking a little wrinkly upon setup. Everything still functioned as planned however c: Saturday's rush was crazy! I don't remember seeing this many people Saturday at last year's AWA. Commission slots had filled within an hour of the AA opening that day D: I quickly found out I can't draw and talk at the same time so they took a lot longer to fulfill. Saturday felt very lively and I was much more talkative and "alive" than Friday. We sold out of artbooks! I brought the final 20 I had, thinking I'd have maybe 5 or 6 left after the convention but no... sold out of them halfway thru Saturday! Honestly had no plans to make more after this one, but people kept asking after I left out the display-only copy so I'm thinking about making another batch. Maybe this time with a variant cover (but the art inside is still the same) Also ran out of a couple of prints and business cards... 250 is definitely not enough, lol. Sales-wise, it was phenomenal and I don't know how it happened, but it was great lol. Also got to walk the alley a few times and bought all the things! Afterwards there was a cool Psycho-Pass mystery panel that lovely boyfriend went to. I just stayed in the hotel room like a hermit >u>
Today's highlight: high-fiving a baby not once but three times! >u<

On Sunday I was tired. The rain and clouds never let up that whole weekend and it felt a little draining. Caffeine did nothing! It felt like other artists were tired as well, probably from the rainy feeling too. Boyfriend and I did final walks around the dealers room and artist alley for stuff and things. I acquired so much art and such lovely art trades! People are so nice *w*. It was slow and littered with random times of busyness, but managed to sell out of a few more things. Things wound down, so packed up around 4 and officially left Atlanta a little after 5
Today's highlight: Art trades. Art trades everywhere!

Overall it was incredibly fun and I would do it again in a heart beat >u< But at the same time, I would like to experience a convention as just a normal con-goer. I might do it again next year, but would like to have all new prints and merch that was seen this year, and a new book maybe. My table was all original art/prints and after asking random customers, they seemed to endorse or actively look for original art lately. That's a good sign. There were lots of the same or popular fandoms at quite a few booths and I guess if you go to a convention a few times a year you want to find something that is different, y'know? After spritzing the alley a few times there were a few tables not following the 8 foot or half fanart rules, but I didn't really think about it till after the fact. In my experience, the con volunteers and hotel staff were super helpful, and we got what we needed and other things without any known issues. Lovely boyfriend helped so much I can't even believe it! He is a great salesman *u* It was so fun and from this experience I would recommend someone having an AA table there if interested

Thanks for reading/skimming etc :D

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