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deviation in storage by sylphielmetallium
These people are great! Go check out their wares! :love:

Fave Hot Autumn Beverage? 

89 deviants said Hot cocoa
57 deviants said Tea
48 deviants said Apple cider/ fruit cider
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Double Tagged o:

Sun Nov 23, 2014, 6:15 PM

I've been tagged by two awesome people, which I'm just now answering cause I suck sometimes >__>;
Thank you so much guys for tagging!

Tag from TwoTigerMoon :la::

1.) What kind of games do you like playing most? 
(Console, Computer, Board, Pen & Paper)
Consoles! Nothing beats a good, long console RPG. Boyfriend is slowly showing me the interesting and extreme memorization world of card games, though >u>

2.) What is your favorite Disney song?
It's a tie between Down in New Orleans from The Princess and the Frog, and The Gospel Truth from Hercules. If parodies count then I love Beauty and the Beat above any real Disney song lol

3.) Do you have a favorite blanket you like to 
snuggle up with?
Not a blanket, but a stinky teddy bear that hasn't been washed in several years >u>;

4.) Do you own any action figures / collectible 
figures that is just your absolute fave?
ALPACAS. All the alpacas...! Just Alpacasso, etc. 

5.) City or Country person?
City, I love being extremely close to everything and the general noise. Currently living in a city where most everything's walkable and close together. Unfortunately I don't live in that section of town and must car everywhere

6.) What is your favorite place to vacation?
Beach! The sand and that breeze and that sun

7.) Coffee or tea?
Chai Tea Latte, the best of both worlds c:

8.) Are you a social person or more anti-social?
Anti.  :stare:

9.) What is your favorite candy?
Sour Patch Kids and Hi-Chews

10.) What is your guilty pleasure movie?
Good Burger. You can never go wrong with Good Burger movie :meow:

Tagged from Lunelu :la: :

1. What do you think about a lot?
Daydreams and stressful things

2. Can you remember a dream you've had lately?
I had several dreams based on Five Nights at Freddy's just last night, after watching several Let's Plays. I am afraid to sleep tonight. >u>;

3. How do you perceive the world?
It's so beautiful and a blessing! I just wish humans wouldn't go so out of the way to ruin it for a dollar and a little power.

4. What morals do you stand for / believe in?
Life, Liberty, Fraternity. I'm Seventh Day Adventist Christian so I believe in the basic rights of love and freedom for everyone, etc c:

5. Why do you make artwork?
It's fun! Really, because it is fun, and I like to make someone else inspired c:
6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Might sound selfish, but still swept in a wonderful relationship and surrounded by wonderful family and friends. Continuing in amazing steady job or maybe start my own freelancing. Maybe have a kid? We'll seeeee

7. Are you currently happy?
Very! There is no justification for me to be upset about anything. Just need to stop worrying about every little thing, and money... stop worrying about finances. Urgh

8. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be and how?
The greed :( 

9. What was the last thing you ate?
Huevos Rancheros! So crispy, so fried egg, so perfect

10. Who do you love?
Several people and one special person and one extremely special somebody

I'm not tagging like I should be because I suck, but FarisKalin I choose you to answer these same question XD

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Commissions c:

Fri Oct 31, 2014, 4:27 PM

Just re-upping this since I am still open for commissions :) Due to work/holiday cheer I won't be able to work on them as much during the weekdays, but am free to over weekends. Thanks to previous commissions, I was able to get a few gifts and even buy a monitor replacement from my old, wacky color ranged one. Thank you so much!

Between stacked medical bills and a newly acquired car (yay, reliable wheels! But, car payment... and ridiculously priced insurance!), it would be harder to get the holiday gifts I was hoping to surprise my loved ones with this year, and commissions would really help a lot, ha

Also I haven't done a personal commission in such a long time, and they are fun and challenging in themselves! I have been getting some asks about character commissions and now, with some extra free time, I have the ability to do so c: Thank you all for your incredible support

So, I am opening up slots for personal portrait commissions c:
Portraits are fun and it would be refreshing to paint someone else's character for a change.
Currently, I am offering Shoulders-up and Waist-ups. Shoulder-ups are (USD) $50, and Waist-ups $75 (light background included)
Right now I am opening 3 slots, possibly more later on in the coming month(s)


Examples of shoulders up portraits: 
Giraffe by GDBeeTheodosia by GDBeeHip Nature Girl by GDBee
Examples of waist up portraits
Farisu by GDBeeStarry eyes and french fries by GDBeeArc en Celia by GDBee

They are first come first served, but I would have to turn down ideas I am not comfortable with. Examples include excessive blood and  gore, overly sexual, and anything generally unethical. 

I currently accept Paypal, Google Wallet, and Square Cash (app)
I request that half be paid during acceptance of the commission and the other half at the end of the commission.

I ask that you please give me as many references/descriptions to your character as possible. It helps tune out any guesswork, unless you would like me to take artistic liberty.

Commission progress:
I will show a roughish sketch of the art. Upon approval of the sketch, I will give recurring works of progress for further changes and approval.  Most progress will be done over the weekend or nights (Eastern Standard Time).The commission, once finished, will be posted to dA and other social media, unless you request for me not to. c:

If you are interested, please message me here. It will be easier to catalog and mark down progress. I will be active on dA + Tumblr 100% more than I have been as of late. Yay internet!

Please also message me if you have any questions! 

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Too many cooks...too many cooks~


Geneva B
United States
I like color and rpgs and fighting games. I love collecting art books. If you like Passion Pit and Nis/Atlus games then we are automatically friends. Thank you for visiting! You're so kind!!!





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